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1. Alkylphenol ethoxylates (Tx-10): white, viscous liquid, is one kind of surfactant to produce high-grade whitening detergent, it mainly has the bubble effect, and can remove oily dirt. Foaming depends on how much Tx-10 you will use. Quality authentication method: color should be white or light yellow; mainly depends on the concentration and the bubble concentration. Buyers, stick with your fingers a little, repeated the movement several times in the water to see if the foam more. Compare it with detergent foam, the former for the latter 10 times.
2. Coconut Diethanolamide (CDEA 6501): pale yellow, viscous liquid, is a surfactant content of 98% to produce all kinds of ordinary detergent .Lather effect, foam stability, and to remove oily dirt, foam depends on how much product is used. Quality of identification the same way with Method 1.
3. Dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid: dark yellow partial black, viscous liquid is a surfactant content of 98% to produce all kinds of ordinary detergent .It has good performance not only in foaming and puffing but also in removing oily dirty. The ability of removing dirty and foam depends on how much products will be used. But do pay more attention that it must be content 98%, content 40% -60% doesn’t have puffing function and foam is less .The production of washing powder humidity is big. Quality of identification the same way with Method 1. Characteristics: on the palm of the hand, you can feel heat.
4. Sodium tripolyphosphate: white fine particles content of 90%, micro-poison. Major determinant of the storage time of the detergent and prevent the detergent agglomerate. Increase the dosage allows detergent to save time, extend the enhanced decomposition of oil.
5. Soda ash: anhydrous sodium carbonate is a white powder, containing 75% -95%, mainly in the washing powder decontamination. General industrial soda ash, this product is easy to absorb moisture, should pay attention to moisture, the remaining part should be sealed in plastic bag. Quality of identification: the fever burned hands is better.
6. Sodium sulphate: anhydrous sodium sulfate, white, powder, this product is a builder, a filler in washing powder, The cost of washing detergent depends on how much of it.
7. Methyl cellulose (CMC): light yellow, powder, washing powder is resistant to precipitation, it can separate oil from the objects in the water and it has floating effect. Quality identification method: the water melted adhesion slide flu. Methyl cellulose has two kinds of form: powder and whisker, usually powder is the best.
8. Alkaline protease: a granular product. Detergent added enzymes, can accelerate the decomposition of oil in the clothing. It has a variety of colors: green, jade green, blue and so on. Enzyme detergent is not good care, and prone to lose efficacy, usually not added. Enzyme detergent should be used better plastic bag, seal better, to prevent gasification. Enzyme detergent storage time is only 8 months, otherwise it will reduce the washing effect. Identification: particle type is the best.
9. Fluorescent brighteners (VBL): This product is light yellow powder, used for whitening, however over use will cause a bad effect. It can be divided into senior and ordinary fluorescent brighteners, but the price gap is big and the better whitening effect, the more expensive, This product can’t be identified by visual, it should be have a trial use.

Productive Process:
The first step, mix the following raw materials in proportion and Stir. Soda ash: 2.5% methyl cellulose: 1% sodium sulphate: 10%, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate: 6%, Alkylphenol ethoxylates (Tx-10): 4% Coconut Diethanolamide (6501): 1%
The second step, add puffing powder 53% into the first step, mixing evenly. Sieving it through 20 mesh and pack it.
If clients require the color to be whiter, you can add Alkylphenol ethoxylates (Tx-10) to replace Dodecyl benzenesulfonic acid or add 0.1% Phosphor whitening agent. If clients want to add fragrant, fragrant moderately to join the first step. To the enzyme, basic protein enzymes can be added directly to detergent in the mix, the amount of 2% -3%. How much the enzyme is added, how much the Soda Ash is reduced.