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 Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd  Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is a high-tech, share-holding enterprise, which is engaged in development, production & business operation, technical service and project design of fine chemicals. Key members of the company are in research and production, operation and management of the work of senior technical personnel, has engaged in a number of petrochemical industry more than a decade of work experience. The company with independent intellectual property rights, strong technical force, rely on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, in accordance with the standards of modern enterprise management is developing rapidly.

The company is mainly involved in research and production of surfactant and washing chemicals. Is the first to engage in professional development, production, operating a high content of alkylbenzene sulfonate powder products of enterprises, and organized the compilation of domestic enterprise standard of the product. After research over years on LAS branded Carnier, experts have established a reasonable process flow, solved technical difficulties in production and mastered the know-how of product quality control. The product has become well-known for its stable quality and is well sold both at home and abroad.


Main products of the company: Series of Powdered LAS, HLAS, K12, AOS, DSB, APG and so on, among which series of powdered LAS products dominate the domestic market. In addition, the company is also involved in engineering design, revamp & expansion, technical consulting and service for synthetic detergent spray drying unit and membrane sulfur trioxide sulfonation unit. The company is also able to offer technology of multi-tube and membrane sulfonating reactor which was proprietarily developed by itself and have been commercially applied in production of LAS, HLAS, BLAS, K12, AES and MES.


Water Treatment Service Center of the Company is a department involved in research, development, production, sales and field service. At present, the new-type water treatment products have been widely applied in petrochemical industry and systems of chemical circulating and cooling water, waste water treatment and HVAC.


The company adheres to business philosophy of honesty and innovation and tenet of mutual benefits and development, and has cultivated a distinctive and faithfulness-focused cooperate culture.